Abu Adnan (Adnan’s Father)

Please look out for this award-winning short film about a Syrian father and son who have found refuge in Denmark . It is written and directed by my niece, Ismay’s cousin, Sylvia Le Fanu! (I feel that merits an exclamation mark.) 

Dir: Sylvia Le Fanu; Writers: Sylvia Le Fanu and Mads Lind Knudsen. Cast: Jihad Assi, Salim Assi

Sayid (Salim Assi) is a refugee doctor from Syria newly arrived in Denmark with his young son Adnan (Jihad Assi). Sayid finds his old customs and certainties about his role as family patriarch challenged by Adnan, who just wants to fit into his new home. A terrible backstory is hinted at – what happened to Adnan’s mother? – but the film focusses on the new country with its different way of life. A warm, compassionate, intelligent film about the difficulties of fitting into a new culture.

To watch this film, click here:

Awards already:
Best Female Director at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival; best fiction, scenography, editing, and male actor at the Danish Ekko Awards; audience award and youth jury’s special prize at the Odense International Film Festival.
Nominated for the Robert Prize for best Danish short film of the year (Feb 2018); selected for the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Feb 2108)

Watch this space! Go, Sylvie!



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